English Company Profile(英語版会社概要)

Change with the times

Since our founding in the first year of the Keio period (1865), J Maeda with the generous support of our staff has grown steadily from pre 1940’s as a confectionary manufacturer to post 1940’s as a wholesale business operator of raw materials.

Along with the milestone of reaching our 150th anniversary we continue to strive to grow as a global company based on our three main pillars of industry, 1st the wholesale business, 2nd manufacturing and 3rd trading(import & export) .

We will continue to provide our best effort in the development of the industry without overlooking changes to economic environments.

Company Name J.MAEDA Co.,Ltd.
Founded Year 1865
Established Year 1950
Head Office 1-4-5 Kawarayamachi Chuo-Ku, Osaka 542-0066 TEL no.06-6762-1991 FAX no.06-6762-6780
Tokyo Office(Branch)


UNIZO Oi 4-chome Bldg 4F,4-13-17,  Oi Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo 140-0014 Japan

〒140-0014 東京都品川区大井4-13-17 ユニゾ大井四丁目ビル4F

TEL no.03-6429-4050 FAX no.03-6429-4051

Sapporo Office(Branch)

札幌 Office

10-7-5-102 Tukisamunishi 4-jyo Toyohira-ku Sapporo Hokkaido

062-0024 Japan

〒062-0024 北海道札幌市豊平区月寒西四条10丁目7番5号102

TEL no.090-6321-3476

Annual sales in 2013 6.8 billion yen In 2014 7 billion yen In 2015 8 billion yen
Number of employees 48
Business description Wholesale sales of confectionery raw materials Production and OEM of confectionery raw materials Import and export of confectionery raw materials
Company representative Representative Director Jubee Maeda
Company’s bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Midosuji Branch

Company History

1865 First-generation Jubee Maeda starts confectionery manufacturing
1903 Second-generation Jubee Maeda begins manufacturing and selling ramune-taste sweets
1917 Third-generation Jubee Maeda takes over the leadership of the company
1950 The company becomes a registered corporation with a capital of 500,000 yen
1953 Starts wholesale business selling glucose to the baking industry
1955 Fuji Oil Co. develops fat and oil for chocolates, and our company started becoming the sole seller of its products in the Kansai area.
1957 Imports cacao beans and starts handling general chocolate products
1963 Company capital increases to 2 million yen
1972 Starts importing Callebaut Couverture from Belgium
1989 Construction of company’s head office in Kawarayamachi Chuo-Ku, Osaka is completed
1993 Tokyo sales office opens in Meguro-Ku, Tokyo
1996 Fourth generation Jubee Maeda appointed as Representative Director
2009 The Tokyo Sales Office is changed to Tokyo Branch and moved to Kita Shinagawa, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo
2015 Commemoration of 150th anniversary
2018 The Tokyo Branch is moved to Oi, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo


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